Wild Swimming!
advice on wild swimming such as the benefits and how to begin and what it involves.
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Wild Swimming!

Wild Swimming!

Swim Like a Fish

Although swimming pools have now reopened some people may still be reluctant to go. For those keen to return to swimming but not so keen on going to a swimming pool the answer could be Wild Swimming, but what is wild swimming? With such a name you may be surprised to know that it is just swimming in natural waters such as lakes, rivers and the Sea; it is also called Open Water Swimming. At first glance this may not sound appealing, but with natural waters in England being more cleaner than ever and water temperatures getting past 18 degrees on summer days it may be something to consider as it is even being considered as activity to help anxiety.

Who can wild swim:

Providing you can swim, you can wild swim. Whilst you do not need to be a strong swimmer, it is always recommended you go with some someone or even join a wild swimming group. For your first couple of experiences it is probably better to pick a very hot day where water temperature will be warmer.

Where can you wild swim:

If choosing to swim in coastal water, make sure the water looks calm and you are aware of when the tide comes in, make sure there are no red flags or signs warning not to swim.

When Swimming in rivers again look for calm and clear water to avoid being dragged by the current or getting caught in reeds.

Choosing to swim in lakes may mean calmer water but you do need to be weary of what is in the water as sadly things are often dumped in water. Avoid stagnant water or foul smelling water.

There are many venues across the UK and you can always search for them on Facebook groups and websites like wildswimming.co.uk  and the outdoor swimming society.

The benefits:

Along with the great cardio workout you get from swimming there is also the fact you are amongst nature. This can be great for mood and mental health along with your physical health. The colder water than what you would get at a heated pool can actually have a positive effect on your immune system and circulation.

Wild swimming safely:

If you are thinking of trying wild swimming then remember these reminders:

  • Know your water – make sure it is calm and clear
  • Look out for warning signs or instruction – no swimming means no swimming
  • Pick a warm day to start – a day where it 25 degrees +  probably means the water is going to be warmer too
  • Start slow and steady-  after 2 minutes your body should warm up from the initial cold shock to same temperature as the water and starting off more shallow means more control
  • Go with a friend or join a group – they are easily found

If you do try it out, feel free to let us know how you get on!

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