Your Practitioners
therapist in reading offering osteopathy and massage
reading osteopath, rg30 osteopath, reading massage therapist, rg30 massage therapist
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Your Practitioners


Look out for new members of our team as we continue to grow in order to provide effective treatment for all your needs.


My Treatment is based on the education received at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine and focuses on: Treating patients as individuals, working on the root of the problem not just the symptoms and providing the patients with a simple clear understanding of what they are experiencing and why.

The Naturopathic education that I received at the college, allows me to fully treat the body as a whole by offering nutrition, exercise and life-style advice.

Every year Osteopaths are required to do a set amount of Continued Professional Development hours (CPD), I use these hours to improve my skills in order to provide more effective treatments for you.

Through osteopathy I get the chance to meet many interesting characters and personalities. Having a positive effect on their lives makes this career both rewarding and enjoyable.


My personal principals as a professional mean:

  1. I will always do my best to help you

  2. I also want you to understand what is happening and how you can prevent it

  3. The treatment time will be yours as much as mine therefore none of it will be wasted


``My Aim: To help you feel better than when you came in ``

Theo Matthews