Your Treatment
Osteopath and Deep Tissue Massage treatment for pain and injuries in reading.
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Your Treatment

How we work

Everything that is done at Theosteo clinic will  be explained to you and have your permission first.

Click on Osteopathy

Osteopathic Consultation

  • A medical case history will be taken to help determine what is causing your pain or discomfort and whether osteopathy your best choice.


  • You may  be asked to remove some clothing to reveal the part and its surrounding area causing you discomfort (therefore comfortable clothing which you can freely move around in such as shorts and loose tops are appropriate)


  • Examination may involve a range of different test and getting you perform different movements


  •  Treatment and advice will be given before the session is over

Osteopathic Follow Up Treatments

  • Treatment may involve a range of different techniques such as soft tissue massage and stretching, joint mobilization, join manipulation and advice for you to apply at home.


  • Before and after each treatment progress will be monitored and recorded
Click Deep on Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Treatment

  • Along with your blood pressure a brief health questionnaire  will be taken to make sure it is safe for you to receive massage  treatment


  • Once it is determined that massage is suitable you will then be asked to remove some clothing around the area that is being worked on (although your modesty will be maintained at all times, feel free to bring a pair of shorts with you)


  • Your Treatment will then begin involving a range of different massage techniques ad stretches