Why It Is Important to Relax
Article providing 10 ways to help relax and the benefits of doing so.
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Why It Is Important to Relax

Why It Is Important to Relax

Just chill!

The end of August normally signals end of the summer holidays and time to start getting back into the full swing of the daily grind.

So what are some of the best ways to relax and what difference does it make?

Ways to to relax

This includes:

  1. Read a book – your imagination is probably the only thing that can let your possibilities become limitless and free you from any physical on mental restriction, one of the best ways to experience that is to let your mind run free and get lost in a good book.
  2. Get creative – there are studies being done which are showing creating art pieces  (doesn’t have to be masterpieces) like drawings and colouring in can help you to relax and reduce anxiety.
  3. Light Exercise – as mentioned in our previous post exercise help produce endorphins which elevate our mood and work against stress.
  4. Go on a holiday – no denying it a relaxed holiday = a happy holiday.
  5. Me time – whether that is just having a few minutes of the day for you or taking time to meditate a little alone time can do wonders.
  6. Time with your Pet – whether they are curled up next to you in front of a fire/tv or your at the park with them a study in 2009 showed that just having eye contact with your pet can release that feel good factor oxytocin.
  7. Deep Breathing – breathing literally could mean the difference between life and death! Never underestimate it! Deep breathing helps more oxygen to enter your body which in turn triggers your ‘Rest and Digest mode’ slowing your heart rate.
  8. Yoga – Exercise, breathing, stretching, balance and meditation all in one – you cant go wrong! Studies are being done to see if there link between yoga as an effective tool against depression.
  9. Hot Bath On a cold evening after a long hard day nothing beats it.
  10. MASSAGE! –  Of course we strongly agree with this, what could be better!?

Why it is important

We have mentioned in the past the effects stress can have on the body and one of the biggest problems with stress is it tends pile up.

So by being able to relax you give your body a chance to do what it does best and that is heal itself be that physically or mentally.

With the hustle and bustle of daily life it is easy to get caught up slogging away day to day, therefore it is important to always set time out during your day to relax.

So if your looking for the ultimate way to relax and you have 45 minutes in your day then why not give us a call to arrange number 10 on our list!

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