Magnesium Oil for your Muscles
Article discussing the benefits of using magnesium oil for muscle aches and pain.
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Magnesium Oil for your Muscles

Magnesium Oil for your Muscles

Goodbye Deep Heat… Hello Magnesium Oil

If you go into most health shops along your high street, you may start to see that as you come to the pain relief section many products with letters Mg contained in the ingredients list. These letters stand for a very useful mineral – Magnesium. Currently more understanding is being gained on the benefits of using magnesium oil to help combat muscular aches and pains. As research continue expect the popularity increase and unfortunately the price also but lets discuss why:

How Magnesium Oil works?

The mineral helps regulate muscular function such as relaxation and also plays a part in blood pressure regulation.

When to use Magnesium Oil?

Many people find using it at night after some exercise provides early relief from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and Muscular Spasms.

Why use Magnesium Oil

As a natural mineral used by the body it is a  safer alternative to pain killers. Studies are starting to show applying it as a spray is more effective than taking it as a tablet. It is also likely to contain less additives than usual muscles rubs and does not have a smell.


So why not ditch the deep heat and reach for the magnesium oil?

If you have tried it already let us know how you got on….

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