Going Away This Summer?
This article Give basic tip on on looking after your health whilst on holiday.
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Going Away This Summer?

Going Away This Summer?

Need a break? Make sure it’s not your leg!

For families August in England marks the end of the school year, this is the time when most families get the opportunity to go on holiday. It is estimated that over a million people a year are injured whilst on holiday. So if you are planning to go abroad here are some things to consider.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

Amongst deciding what clothes your going to fill your suitcase with, where your going to stay and what your going to do its is also important to consider:

  • Vaccinations for the country your visiting to protect you from dangerous illnesses such as malaria.
  • If you are travelling to a more warmer climate be sure to take appropriate Sunscreen – on the bottle’s label look for letters UVA in a circle, with 4 star protection and at least SPF-15.
  • Bites and stings can be a real nuisance and some may even cause serious skin reactions therefore Insect Repellents containing DEET are the preferred choice
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis is clotting of any deep vein although usually it occurs in the calf. On long distance flights be sure to stretch and move around, also wearing flight socks can help prevent. Signs of symptoms can include redness, swelling and pain around the calf. If you at risk of developing blood clots speak to your GP before travelling
  • Some accidents and Injuries are unavoidable and when they do happen its important to get the right treatment so to avoid high medical cost it is best to get Travel insurance.

Jet Laaaaag!

Travelling across different time zones can take a toll on your body especially from west to east. Tips for dealing with jet lag include:

  • Adapt your old routine to your new time zone, i.e. breakfast time and bed time
  • Try not to go bed as soon as you arrive where you are staying
  • Daylight will help your body adjust so spend time outside

What to eat and drink

Whilst it is good and fun to try local cuisine here are some tips:

  • In Areas with poor sanitation Drink bottled water only and avoid Ice
  • In Warmer countries dont leave food to stand for long
  • If your not familiar with Seafood in terms of taste and smell then approach with caution and only eat freshly prepared
  • Wash your hands or sanitise before eating

Travelling with a pre-existing illness or injury

Whether you have an injury, disability or take medication for an illness it is always best to consult your GP to seek advice how best to deal with your condition whilst abroad.

When you have considered all these tips the most important thing to do is have fun and enjoy your holiday!

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