Flu vs A Cold
Comparing the difference between the flu and the common cold during the winter months as flu season begins.
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Flu vs A Cold

Flu vs A Cold

Let’s get ready to rumble

Flu season is approaching. As the weather gets more wet and more cold, a perfect environment is created for bacteria to thrive. Over this season many people will catch a Cold. More than likely this is all people will get but there is a chance that a few will get the Flu and sadly like the current Coronavirus pandemic this may become fatal for some whose health is more vulnerable.

So do you know the difference?

The Common Cold:

The common cold is a respiratory infection caused by a virus. A Common Cold usually present with a mild collection of symptoms such as nasal congestion runny nose, sneeze and cough. Most people will catch a cold during some stage of the year.

The Flu:

The Flu is also a respiratory infection caused by a different type of virus. The Flu usually presents with similar symptoms to a cold but the symptoms can present much stronger. It is also common for the symptoms to include the whole body rather than just the respiratory system. So expect fatigue, body aches and fatigue. Flu can be more severe and even fatal. It is often caught during the winter months.


A Cold
The Flu
A respiratory infection caused by a virus
A respiratory infection caused by a virus
Mild severity of symptoms
Stronger symptoms
Gradual onset
Sudden Onset
Fever is rare
Fever common
Less chance of further complication
Could lead to further complications and illnesses
Prevention – good hygiene practice and avoid others with cold
Prevention- good hygiene practice and flue vaccine
Treatment – decongestants, fever reducers and pain killer medicine
Treatment – decongestants, fever reducers and pain killer medicine, if symptoms persist see your GP

What about Coronavirus?

With the current circumstances it is still best to always be aware that some flu and cold symptoms are the same for coronavirus (Covid-19).

Therefore, if you experience a fever, a new persistent cough or loss of taste and smell, get a test and in the meantime self quarantine.

Keep safe.

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