Dry January
Article reviewing dry January benefits.
Dry January, Giving up alcohol, No alcohol, Going dry
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Dry January

Dry January

Don’t worry its nearly Over!

Even thought it feels like this Janaury has lasted for 2 Months rather than 1 we have finally reached it’s end! As discussed in our last article many people with have gone dry (stopped drinking alcohol) for this month and will look to start the weekend with a glass or bottle of their favourite beverage so now may be a good time to look back:

Did you see or feel any changes?

One of the most common changes mentioned by people going dry is weight loss, although we don’t always relate what we drink to our weight we often forget the alcoholic beverages contain sugar and a lot of calories. For some cutting out alcohol for a  moth has led to 3-6 pounds in weight loss. can help you loose this can mean .

Another benefit others mentioned was less fatigue which have in turn been link to replacing alcohol with healthier options such as water.

Lastly another popular change noticed was the effect it had on peoples wallet, especially those with a more refined pallet!

What next?

So this is question, what are you going to do now? Are you already to looking forward to friday night? Have you already got the drinks chilled? Or has going dry inspired you to continue doing the same?  

Regardless of where you go from here, if you managed to resist an afternoon  ‘tipple’, evening ‘night cap’  or a weekend ‘swig’ in january WELL DONE!

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