Coping With The Next Lockdown
Discussing tips and advice on ways to manage and cope with the next next lockdown to effect England due to coronavirus.
England's next lockdown, coping with lockdown, November lockdown
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Coping With The Next Lockdown

Coping With The Next Lockdown

We have been here before

So from next week, England is back in another lockdown. Unfortunately for many this will bring more pressure, strain and anxiety. Lockdown may negatively effect us: financially, mentally and physically. There is no denying that this is very difficult times.

Fortunately for some people, during the previous lockdown they were able flip a negative into a positive. The positives include a few reoccurring themes so let’s look at them.

A chance to reflect :

Perhaps prior to the first lockdown days seemed to turn into weeks and weeks into months. You may have even felt you were a passenger rather than in the driving seat. However regardless of whether you will be working or not during the next lockdown you will find that you probably have a bit more time for yourself (or maybe too much time!). This opportunity could be the time that you use to look at how you can gain some or more control of your current situation.

A chance to change :

After reflecting, if your not happy or want to move to the next step then November lockdown is the next chance to make changes. Those changes can include physical such as regular exercise or upping the level of exercise.

There is also a growing concern for the effect isolation due to lockdown has on the mental wellbeing of those vulnerable to mental health conditions. Remember support bubbles are still allowed and should still be used.

Financially now may be the time to turn your passion into a way of making money, or you may have already decided to make your dream into reality, Perhaps if you have been reluctant, then now could be the time to make the changes necessary..

A chance to grow:

Possibly you made some changes in April, now could be the time to analyse your progress 6 months on and see what next steps you need to take. It may also provide you with chance to put things in place which will allow you to further advance.

Whilst the coming month may look bleak remember to use your support bubble and use the free time to make positive changes.

TheOsteo Clinic will remain open during the lockdown so please feel free to get in touch with any questions.

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