Brittle Bones – Osteoporosis
Article discussing brittle bones known as Osteoporosis and treatment.
frequent fractures, brittle bones, weak bones, osteoporosis, calcium and vitamin D
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Brittle Bones – Osteoporosis

Brittle Bones – Osteoporosis

Clumsy and accident prone or is it something else?

At some stage in life there is a chance that you will end up in A&E with a possible broken bone. For some this may happen more than once due to activities, environment or accident. Then there are some who find they are frequently breaking bones almost from the slightest move.

When this is the case then there is something more likely to be going on than just being accident prone; it could be an indication that you may have Osteoporosis. So what is Osteoporosis?


It is classified as a skeletal disease characterised by low bone mineral density and deterioration of bone structure resulting in fragile bone and increase risk of fractures.

It often is a result of poor calcium intake either due to body not absorbing enough or external factors limiting the amount available.

Signs and symptoms

  • It is confirmed by a Dexa scan which gives T score (which measures bone mass density) below -2.5 standard deviation
  • Frequent fracture – unexplained or from light contact.

Ways to Manage Osteoporosis

If it is confirmed that you have or at risk of Osteoporosis then these are the recommended steps:

  • Regular weight bearing Exercises
  • Diets containing food rich in Calcium and Vitamin D
  • Giving up smoking and reducing alcohol intake

If your are able to attack it early then it will be less of a hassle in later life.

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