Body and Temperature
Post on discussing how the cold weather can affect our bodies
stay warm, body temp, cold weather and joint pain
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Body and Temperature

Body and Temperature

Keeping things warm and cosy

The clocks have gone backward, the days are shorter and a chill lingers in the air, winter has arrived. Whilst this may give us the excuse to stay indoors under the blanket, eat our favourite food and do very little, it is also a time when many people struggle with aches and pains. It is not uncommon to hear people say ‘the cold effects my joints’. The winter time also is prime time to suffer with things like the Flu, so let’s see why it important keep warm.

Our Body temperature:

For an average human, our body works best normally at a temperature of 36.5 – 37.5 °C. Just 1°C either side can result in problems for the body, 9°C either side almost definitely results in death.

Fever – If your temperature goes to 38°C then you are most likely to have a fever which could be a result of illness

Hyperthermia – this when our body temperature goes over 40°C ,often caused by prolonged exposure to high temperatures. As this can be life threatening, medical attention should always be required.

Hypothermia – a body temperature less than 35°C means body function and metabolism is impaired. Again Medical attention  is necessary.

Our joints:

Whilst many will agree that the cold affects the joints, so far there is little research which provides evidence as to why this happens. What we do know, is that cold temperatures make our body send more blood to the centre of our bodies whilst constricting the blood vessels in our limbs. Lack of blood flood could be responsible for the stiff achy feeling.

Our muscles:

When our muscles are cold they contract making them stiff. Along with stiffness the contractions can constrict our nerves and blood vessels. In this state muscles have to work harder leading to more strain which can result in further damage.


So as the weather continues get colder be sure to wrap up, keep out of the cold and stay warm!

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