Article giving advice on setting new years resolutions and goals [particularly reducing alcohol.
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New Year New You?

2018 is reaching it’s end and soon we will welcome 2019. For nearly half of all adults this will either be a chance for a fresh start or time to reset with their new year resolutions. As with last years post 2018 this post will give some useful information but this time for a specific goal that is popular for many:

Dry January- cutting down the alcohol:

  • It can help regulate drinking throughout the year – as people tend to drink less 8 months later
  • Benefit your health in general
  • Saves you money!
  • Better sleep
  • Weight loss

Why is it a challenge!

Why are new year resolutions so hard to keep? Good question! Well researchers have managed to identify the common causes of failure:

  • Setting a goal that are too vague
  • Having unrealistic expectations (amount achieved within a timescale)
  • Turning your wishes into immediate action that you stick to.


One key thing to remember – the real challenge isn’t changing your attitude, the real challenge lies in changing your behavior and patterns. 

See you next year, see you soon… ENJOY!

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