Article giving advice on setting new years resolutions and goals.
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Out with the Old in with the New!

As 2017 winds down drawing a close to another year, we also open the door to 2018 thus providing us the perfect opportunity to hit the reset button and start afresh or take the opportunity to review, analyse and build on where we currently are. Either way, the following will provide short practical tips which will help you make 2018 all that you want it to be:

Practical tips to achieve your goals/resolutions:

  • Allow your passion to determine your goals
  • Make sure goals are specific to you
  • Keep a record of progress
  • Adapt you and your surroundings to make it easier to achieve your resolutions
  • Break your goals down to achievable chunks
  • Allow yourself time for the setbacks
  • Do not neglect how positive you will feel if you achieve your goals/resolutions

Be resolute!

Whether you want to lose weight, get fitter or just be more in tune with your body it is good to remember this sound piece of advice from a philosopher name Dr Matt Beard:

“If we are making a resolution, what is the nature of it? Is it something that reflects who we want to be or is it something that reflects who society wants us to be?”

See you next year, see you soon… ENJOY!

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