When To Use Heat For Pain
Using heat or hotpacks for muscle and joint pain
Hot pack for painful joints, Heat for muscles pain, heat therapy
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When To Use Heat For Pain

When To Use Heat For Pain

Nothing Like a Long Hot Soothing Bath! 

Few would argue that having a nice long soak in some hot bubbly water is one of the best ways to relax! Whilst it may allow you to get away from the stresses and strains of modern life. The heat from the bath is also a great way help treat muscular aches and stiff joints.

Why use Heat

Promotes blood flow which in turns flushes out toxins whilst bringing nutrients through the blood to the area. It also helps increase elasticity reducing muscular tension and speeds up healing.

When to use Heat

  • Once swelling or bruising has gone (normally few days after injury)
  • When pain is can be felt as tight, aching or dull

How to use Heat

  • Temperature should be as warm as you can bare without being uncomfortable
  • The heat compress should be firmly applied to the area or area of pain should be completely covered/submerged by the hot application
  • Aim to apply the compress for 20 Minutes with 10 minute breaks a couple times a day

What to use that is hot

A range of materials can be used such as hot flannel, heat pack, hot water bottle, bucket of water can be used but ideally you want to use something that can take the shape of the injured area such as an heat gel pack, heat rubs/sprays and of course if you have one you could alwsays take a bath!

If your still not sure then feel free to get in touch with us or book an appointment and we will help you manage your pain.

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