When To Use Cold For Pain
When to use cold for pain and injuries
ice packs for pain, cold hydrotherapy, swelling treatment
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When To Use Cold For Pain

When To Use Cold For Pain

Being Cold  Can Sometimes Help! 

As well as providing one of your 5-a-day and being popular vegetables found on your plate, a bag of frozen peas is often seen being pressed against a recently injured limb.

Whilst it doesn’t have to be frozen peas applying cold to certain injuries at the right time can be of great benefit.

Why use cold

It can help reduce swelling, inflammation and pain

When to use cold

  • Within first hour and then regularly in the first few days of initial injury such as strains and sprains or direct trauma
  • When pain is can be felt as burning, stinging or sharp

How to use cold

  • Temperature should be as cold as you can bare
  • The cold compress should be firmly applied to the area or area area of pain should be completely covered/submerged by the cold application
  • Aim to apply the compress for 5 Minutes with 10 minute breaks a couple times a day

What to use that is cold

A range of materials can be used such as cold flannel, covered ice, cold water bottle, bucket of water can be used but ideally you want to use something that can take the shape of the injured area such as an ice gel pack, cool rubs/sprays and of course if you have them a home a bag of frozen peas!

If your still not sure then feel free to get in touch with us or book an appointment and we will help you manage your pain.


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