Topping up your Vitamin D
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Topping up your Vitamin D

Topping up your Vitamin D

Vitamin D and Your Body

The recent great weather we’ve been having has provided us with with plenty of sunshine and this when healthcare professionals normally mention Vitamin D such as in recent news where they are encouraging more people to take vitamin D supplements especially in the winter. Here we can take a look at how it works and the benefits.


Recent guidelines suggest that adults and children under the age of 1 should have 10 micro-grams of vitamin D (µg) each day, these are some ways we can get it:

SUNLIGHT –  One of the easiest and natural ways to get vitamin D is from being in the sunshine. The sunlight activates a process in our skin which causes vitamin D to be made.

Even British Summertime provides enough sunlight for a person in t-shirt and shorts to make the recommended amount of vitamin D. However whilst protecting us from UV rays adding Sun cream reduces the effect.

FOOD –  Those that are high in vitamin D include Sockeye Salmon fillets, Tinned Tuna and Portebello Mushrooms, however it has been advised that it is very difficult to get enough vitamin D from diet alone due to the breakdown during the cooking process.

SUPPLEMENTS – These are readily available in most pharmacies and health shops. Although these can vary in brand and amount contained the main thing to remember is the Guideline suggest 10 micro grams (µg) a day. If the packet has IU as the units this means International Units and 40IU = 1µg.


Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and phosphate which in turn helps to make strong healthy bones, teeth and muscles.


Lack of vitamin D can lead to bone deformities such as rickets in Children and osteomalacia or osteoporosis in adults.

Common Symptoms of Low Vitamin D include – tiredness/weakness, muscle pain, joint pain and depression.

Is you Vitamin D low?

If you have noticed that you have started to experience the symptoms above or worried that you may not be getting enough sunlight then please feel free to comment below…

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