The Weather is Changing
exercise advice for pain and to get active in the spring and summer.
exercise advice, spring exercise, summer exercise
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The Weather is Changing

The Weather is Changing


With the sky staying lighter for longer and the weather getting a little less colder it is time to come out of hibernation and start moving those joints and getting your blood pumping to help with all those aches and painful joints. Let us consider 3 Useful exercises to do in and around Reading:


Probably one of the most easiest and most common forms of exercise. Just two 1o minute walks a day should be help to improve your health.

Known as a low impact low intensity exercise this greatly reduces the chance of further Injury to muscles and joints.

This exercise can not only strengthen muscles in the lower limbs but also helps to protect and nourish the spine by getting blood flow to that area.


Swimming can be a great exercise to get your heart pumping and your joints moving. Try 2 hours worth of swimming a week  and see and feel the benefits.

This mid to high intensity exercise allows you to work out numerous muscles all at the same time without loading and compressing any joints.

Not only does swimming help improve muscualr tone it can also help with weightloss and general fitness whilst keeping your joints mobile.


3 Bike Riding

For those that have a bike and are able to use it….. as the weeks go by and the temperature begins to rise a good hour and a half long bike ride once a week will do wonders

This exercise can have the intensity of a high impact exercise yet without the normal force put on your joints.

Riding is a great way to improve muscular tone and strength especially after injury whilst also working on your cardio vascular system.


Hopefully you will able do at least one of these exercise through spring and summer!


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