How reynauds effects hand colour in cold temperatures
Reynauds, hand colour in cold, blue hands, white hands
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Hands changing colour? Then read on!

When the weather is cold it is quite common for people to look more pale as blood leaves the skin and tries to keep our insides warm.

For some people though, the exposure to colder temperatures can cause a much more bigger reaction especially to there hands and feet causing them to go from white, to blue and then red.

This is known as Reynaud’s.

What is happening

The 3 colour changes are caused by excessive reduction in blood flow.

WHITE –  There is less blood in that area

BLUE – The oxygen in the blood is low

RED  Athe area is warmed up the blood vessels dilate and blood flow returns to the area carrying oxygen

Why it is happening

Primary Reynaud’s (Reynaud’s Disease) – has no specific cause but there may be links to hormones as well as people who smoke

Secondary Reynaud’s (Reynaud’s Phenomenon) – This is when it caused by another factor such as vascular or skin condition  or environmental factor

Signs and symptoms

  • Skin colour changes in order of white, blue and red especially in hands and toes
  • Pain in hands when cold and tingling feeling when hands are warmed up
  • Temporary Numbness in affected area

How to deal with it

  • Wrap up prone areas prior to going out in the cold
  • Avoid smoking
  • Speak to you GP about medication to help improve blood flow
  • Low level laser therapy may reduce symptoms
  • In extreme cases surgery may be offered
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