Protein… whats with all the Hype?
Article discussing benefits pros and cons of Protein intake and protein sources.
Protein hype, Protein supplement, Protein for working out
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Protein… whats with all the Hype?

Protein… whats with all the Hype?

Why so important and Why is there  such a demand?…

Known to contain the building blocks of life, protein is one of the most essential nutrients that a healthy body needs. In the UK there is such a growing demand for this nutrient it is now not uncommon to see aisles dedicated to products labelled as being a high source in protein. So the questions are: do you know where to get it and are you getting enough?


Protein is important for growth and maintenance of the human body’s tissues and cells. It can also be used as fuel source for the body.


  • The main sources for protein are meat, dairy, eggs and fish
  • For Vegans, it is best to look to soy, nuts, peas, beans and lentils

Recommended Intake

Current guidelines from Public Health England state that protein daily intake for adults aged 19-64 years old is 55.5 grams for men and 45 grams for women.

A balanced diet will give you more than enough protein to reach your daily recommended intake

Protein and Exercise

Studies have suggested that protein can increase performance and help build muscles and it is from this that the sports and nutrition industry has been able to market a relatively cheap waste product from the dairy industry; whey protein and transform it into a much more expensive protein supplement such as a protein powder or bar.
So if we can get all the protein we need from a healthy balanced diet, including the food sources above even when were involved in regular exercise and sport, what happens to the excess protein we take in? Quite simply it ends up in the toilet every time we urinate, so it’s something to consider when deciding whether you need to buy that crate of protein powder just because you started lifting weights at your local gym.

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