Looking After Your Body… Naturally
Article discussing the Naturopathic triad which is a principle on Optimal health and Well being considering how we look after our body's physical emotional and nutritional health.
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Looking After Your Body… Naturally

Looking After Your Body… Naturally

The body has the power to heal itself!

Although it may not always feel like it are bodies are wonderfully made! The complexities of how we are able to go about our every day life continues to fascinate many. For a Naturopath one key attribute of the human body is its ability to heal itself. For this to happen it relies on three aspects of health:

Physical (Structural)

This involves getting the correct balance between keeping our bodies active without doing too much or too little to cause injury.

A question we can ask our self is: Over a week how many times do I work up a sweat?

Emotional (Psychological)

One of key things we want to avoid is states of stress/anxiety or feeling of depression. When our minds are clear and we have a positive approach it is often easier to address our physical health and maintain a healthy diet.

We can ask ourselves this question: When was the last time I was able get the chance to relax without have to worry about things?

Nutritional (Biochemical)

We know too much of anything is bad but too much of a bad thing is even worse! This is only too true for our diet so we want to avoid foods that don’t contain a lot of nutrients that help our body to stay healthy.

So ask yourself does the food on my plate and how I cook it vary or am I tending to eat the same kind of thing?


With all 3 aspects each will have a direct effect on the others so if we try to look after them all we will continue to enjoy life!

If you feel like one of the aspects could improve then perhaps now is the time to contact us or leave a comment below so we can help you find answers to the question what needs to be done.

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