How To Use Heat & Cold For Pain
How and when to use Hot and Ice for muscle and joint pain
Hot and Cold packs for pain, Muscle aches, Joint aches
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How To Use Heat & Cold For Pain

How To Use Heat & Cold For Pain

Keeping things Moving! 

If you are ever experience a painful joint where cold therapy or hot therapy only provides short temporary relief then it may be time to combine them.

Why use Both

As discussed in the previous articles heat will open the blood vessels whilst the cold will close the vessels therefore, by using both your are actively creating a pump to help bring blood carrying nutrients to the area

When to use Both

  • Stiff swollen joints
  • Areas where you get reoccurring ache or pains.

How to use Heat

  • Temperature should be as warm and cold as you can bare without being uncomfortable
  • The compress should be firmly applied to the area or area of pain should be completely covered/submerged by the applications
  • Alternate between 3 minutes hot and 1 minute cold repeating twice or 3 times.
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