How To Stay Green Whilst Keeping Healthy
Article discussing how to be green and healthy in order to tackle the non recyclable plastic pollution
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How To Stay Green Whilst Keeping Healthy

How To Stay Green Whilst Keeping Healthy

It’s more than just recyclable water bottles

A big issue that effects the globe right now is plastic pollution, that’s right plastic ‘pollution'(The presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects). Governments as well as big companies are getting together in order to pledge to the eradication of non recyclable plastic waste.

Nearly all humans will come into contact and use plastic as part of their daily life, but many of us have seen the television programs or unfortunately, had first hand experience of how non recyclable plastic can damage our environment. There is also a concern as to what the chemicals can do to our body.

For those want to promote a environmental and at the same healthy life style this article will look at some simple changes that can be done.

What’s the harm?

We know that some of the additives used to make plastics are chemically dangerous yet regulation varies from country to country as to what chemicals are allowed to be used.

With most of these plastics being non biodegradable it means that they end breaking up to tiny micro fragments which eventually end up in our food products and body and with that comes the uncertainty of the effects these chemicals can have on the body over years of build up.

The biggest threat remains to our environment and wildlife who are either getting caught in plastic packaging or they are choking on the item as the waste clogs up our seas.

So what can we do 

Well here are simple changes we can all make:

  1. Ditch the small bottle water for filtered tap water filled in a reusable bottle. If you dont like tap water? Buy larger bottled water to fill reusable bottles.
  2. Moderate eating not only keeps you healthy but also cuts down on food packaging
  3. Try growing your own food
  4. When the opportunity presents… RECYCLE


The problem didn’t happen overnight and unfortunately wont be fixed overnight but if we all play our part, we can help get the wheels in motion

Any other ideas, we would love to hear from you…

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