For all you Roadrunners!
Tips and advice for runners trying to improve fitness and train for marathons.
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For all you Roadrunners!

For all you Roadrunners!

Running Season is Underway? 

Whether your aiming for Rio 2016 olympics or just want to get fitter these few tips may help you get there:

Good Place to start

Initially when you start running your first aim will be to improve your endurance and the best way to do this is gradually run more often for longer periods

Now the competitive streak is starting to kick in

Once you have got into a good routine you may set a goal of entering a running event such as a 10k or half marathon. The first race you do will act a base for you build upon with the aim of the beating your time in the next event.

This will be done by trying to up your pace in training over the same distance.

Taking it the next level

After feeling comfortable enough to call yourself a runner you may want start pushing yourself and sampling what the elite do.

One technique used is Double Runs; the idea being that you run two shorter distances in the same day as opposed to one long run.

The idea behind this is that you build up your fitness whilst being able to recover quicker from the training, how?

This article helps to further explain –


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