Deals… Deals… DEALS!
Deals Massage, Deep Tissue massage and Sports Massage.
Massage Deals, Deals on Massage, Deep Tissue Massage discount, Sports Massage Discount
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Deals… Deals… DEALS!

Deals… Deals… DEALS!

Look Out Bargain Hunters!

We are pleased to announce that a New page is coming to our website which will highlight exclusive offers for you!

What will they inlcude

  1. These deals will provide discounted prices on selected treatment sessions.
  2.  Thy will vary between single and multiple offers
  3. Most importantly they will be open to everyone

How will you be able to access them

  1. All deals will be displayed on our dedicated page as well as being on our Facebook page or Twitter page
  2. They may involve interaction through our social media or simply by enquiring
  3. There will be no need to pre-purchase them but you will need to book in advance

When will these Deals start

  1. The deals will sometimes occur seasonally or to coincide with special events
  2. They will be available at least a week in advance to the deal becoming valid
  3. Deals will either be valid for a day or 2 normally over a weekend but there will be limited slots available

So keep looking out for our offers and new updates!  Any questions please feel free to leave a comment.

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