Dealing With The Hot Weather
post providing advice and precaution this weekend UK heatwave
uk heatwave, sunny weekend, weather warning
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Dealing With The Hot Weather

Dealing With The Hot Weather

The heatwave is here!

The temperatures are soaring, the sky is blue, the clouds are white and there isn’t a single hint of rain expected anytime soon! Whilst this may all sound great, the hot temperatures we have been experiencing this weekend does bring its risks, sadly lives have already been lost during this wonderful weekend so whilst enjoying the sunshine please consider the following:



AKA sunstroke is considered to be a medical emergency. It can kill or cause damage to organs and is a result of prolonged exposure to high temperatures:

  • It is defined as having a body temperature higher than  40°C
  • It often follows on from heat cramps, fainting, and exhaustion
  • Further signs and symptoms include – throbbing headache, dizziness, nausea, rapid heartbeat, shallow breathing, seizures and unconsciousness

To avoid this remember to keep well hydrated and have regular periods of being in the shade. Make sure your clothing is not overly thick or insulating.



Whilst swimming provides the perfect opportunity to cool off the problem is often the type of water you choose to swim in. Open water swimming such as swimming in rivers, lakes and the sea poses the greater risk. It is good to remember:

  • It is not always the water but what is inside the water which can cause problems – people can get caught and stuck by reeds and discarded trolleys increasing the risk of drowning
  • Strong currents also pose a risk especially for weak or less experienced swimmers
  • Depths can change quickly going from shallow to deep in a matter of steps

Only tread/ swim in familiar waters, swimming pools are a great place to start.


When your body is losing more fluid than it is taking in, it becomes dehydrated:

  • Symptoms include – strong thirst, dark yellow urine with a strong odour, feeling light headed, feeling tired, decreased frequency of urination , dry mouth and eyes
  • Drinking too much alcohol, diabetes, vomiting and diarrhoea, perfuse sweating and being exposed to hot temperatures for long periods increase the risk.
  • Always look out for those less abled than yourself (such as children and elderly)

Make sure everyone including yourself has plenty of water to drink.

Wild fire

Not something we may always consider in the UK but they DO happen! consider 4 steps to help avoid wild fires when out in the countryside:

  1. Make sure cigarettes are completely stubbed before disposal, avoid throwing them out of cars into grass or areas of vegetation
  2. Put disposable barbecues on bricks rather than direct grass, use full size ones on hard flat surfaces away from shrubs, fencing and grass
  3. Sun rays can reflect through glass bottles to start a fire, therefore don’t leave them around
  4. Camp fires should never be left unattended, when finished make sure they are completely put out

If a fire does break out in a nearby area and your are asked to evacuate, then do it as these fires can spread quickly!

Other than that, enjoy the sunny weekend!

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