Cricked Neck?… See Below
What is a cricked neck, how to treat a cricked neck and neck pain?
Neck pain, Cricked necks, Stiff neck
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Cricked Neck?… See Below

Cricked Neck?… See Below

Something we all experience at some stage

Ever woke up with a feeling that something in your neck isn’t quite right, only to confirm that when trying to turn your head and realising that it can’t  and if it can, it does so with quite a bit of pain? This is commonly known as a cricked neck, but why does it happen and what is actually wrong with your neck?

What it is:

So far there is no concrete evidence for what actually is going on with neck. There is a suggestion that it is to do with joints in the neck called facets (that are on each side of each segment) which become irritated when strained that then leads to muscle spasms.

What causes it:

The common presentation of someone with a cricked neck is that it comes on gradually after having their neck in awkward position for a long period (normally after sleeping funny or working at desk looking at a screen for long periods). Another type of onset is after slightly jolting/jarring the neck during a physical activity. This indicates that something in the neck; possibly ligaments or muscles, are strained.

What you can do to make it better:

Normally these type of injuries are very mild last a few days and go away by themselves but if they don’t you can try:

  • Gentle neck stretches
  • Hydrotherapy- hot and cold as discussed in a previous post
  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • COME AND SEE US – If your pain is persistent or limiting what you want to do, then we can help by working on the muscles and joints in neck to improve movement and reduce restriction.

If you would like to find out more, please feel free to get in touch.

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