Creaky Knee?
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Creaky Knee?

Creaky Knee?

Does Your Knee Make Noise? 

For some people they be can painful and for others they can feel fine but for a LOT of people they will experience cracking, crunching or popping sensation in their knees but what is it and what causes it?


This is name given to those noises made and sensations felt as the joint moves.

Although ‘Creaky Knees’ are often associated with older people it can happen at any age.

Why it makes that sound

The sounds you hear are usually to do with what is happening inside the joint, often its 3 common causes:

  1. Air bubbles – trapped inside the joint fluid when burst cause a ‘popping’ sound
  2. Cartilage and Tendons – When these soft tissues rub and twist especially when stiff inside the joint as it moves, you will get a ‘cracking’ or ‘crunching’ sound
  3. Damaged Joint – if the protective cushion (the meniscus) is worn away or torn then it causes bone to start rubbing on bone or the cushion get trapped between the joint causing the ‘crunching’ or ‘clicking’ sound.

When should you look to get something done

In general crepitus is harmless, but if you start to experience pain or if your knee starts to give way, you should then look to seek medical advice as this may indicate joint degeneration which could get worse.

In the Meantime…

Carry on exercise normal exercise but avoid or reduce the amount stress you put through your knees  by reducing the intensity of exercise and use hydrotherapy as referred to in previous articles.

Any questions please feel free to comment below…

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