Beware of the Festive Period!
How to avoid injuries around the festive period.
Injuries on the festive holiday
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Beware of the Festive Period!

Beware of the Festive Period!

The time for Goodwill, Cheer and … Pain?

In the UK it is estimated that around 80,000 people will need to visit the hospital over the festive period for different types of injuries.

Why injuries usually occur.

With families being together and the stress that comes with providing hospitality and setting up a home, things are often rushed meaning less time is made available to take care. Also with more people in the home, space is at a premium, so there is also more obstacles to avoid. Then there is alcohol… with people tending be in more of a ‘merry’ mood with the help of a few drinks, cognitive skills such as balance can take a hit!

Common injuries occurred

  • Falls – either caused from higher areas such as ladders and stairs or over objects like presents and people
  • Cuts and Wounds – from scissors, cutlery or trodden decorations
  • Burns and Electric shocks – when preparing and serving food, putting on candles and decorative lights
  • Concussions and Bruises – often occur from falling decorations such a trees
  • Food Poisoning – Dodgy Chef!

Advice on how to have as few accidents as possible.

Fail to prepare… prepare to fail! Although easier said than done most accidents can be avoided by early planning and preparation regarding the home and hospitality.

Try to keep clutter to a minimum especially in areas such as the stairs and gangways.

Replace faulty electrical items and avoid overloading sockets.

Lastly try enjoying alcohol more towards the end of the day rather than the beginning.


However if you are unfortunate enough to injure yourself know that we will be available to help you get back to enjoying the holiday break!




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