2014 Top Super Foods
advice on super foods such as goji berries and chia seeds.
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2014 Top Super Foods

2014 Top Super Foods


With 2014 drawn to close and 2015 now upon us we can take a look at 2 Super Foods which dominated the search engines last year.

Goji berries

Origin: a.k.a the wolfberry native across Oriental Asia

Super Power: High nutrient content and are thought to be high in antioxidants (which help protect the body form harmful chemicals)

Found: Can be found in Most health shops

Appearance: Small red fruits resembling raisins, often prepared and sold dried.

Uses: Can be eaten straight from the packet or boild as a herbal tea

Chia seeds 

Origin: a.k.a Salvia Hispanica  native across Mexico

Super Power: High in fibre and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (which are meant to be good for blood circulation)

Found: Can be found in Most health shops

Appearance: Small oval seeds either dark or light resembling flax or seasme seeds. sold in packets.

Uses: Can be eaten straight from the packet, used as a topping or put in smoothies and bakery products.


With an increase in searches for Super Foods expected in 2015, hopefully whilst your enjoying the new year, you  get to enjoy some of these foods as they are introduced to the world!

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