2 Great articles for those that love a massage!
articles on massage pressure and trigger points.
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2 Great articles for those that love a massage!

2 Great articles for those that love a massage!


Answers to Massages BIG questions!

Whether you are looking to try your first massage or your a frequent visitor to the massage table these 2 articles will of interest.

Pressure how much is enough:


In A Nutshell:

Depending on your previous experiences, your preference and why you have chosen to have a massage the pressure will be applied by your therapist will vary.

This article explains what the therapist should be trying to achieve by applying a certain amount of pressure.

It also discusses what is often described as ‘good pain’ and it’s difference with ‘bad’ pain.

Next it talks about the science behind applying pressure and what it parts of the muscle it effects.

Lastly it explains the benefits of a good massage.

Muscle knots… what are they?


In A Nutshell:

Again just like the pressure question, people are always keen to know what are these so called ‘knots’ that people often complain of having.

It begins by describing what causes the knot and what is actually going on within the muscle.

Throughout the article it has links to other articles from which it sources it’s material.

Muscle Knots are described as being small contractions within the muscle fibre almost as a miniature version of cramp caused by calcium deposits

It finishes by discussing factors which may make you vulnerable to them.

In summary a good massage which applies appropriate pressure to its strokes can be highly effective at treating those painful ‘knots’. So if your suffering book a deep tissue massage at TheOsteo Clinic and let us help relax your muscles.



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